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Who rejoices within, who finds satisfaction within, I often speak of my meeting with mother Teresa inCalcutta. In enron that great scandal, people are so wealthy are cheating the same people who gave their lives to make them what they are today so that they can get a little more.

When I was inAmericaI was conditioned to think thatAmericais the greatest race in the world but when I went toEngland, they think they are the greatest in the world and inHollandthey thought they are the greatest people in the world,Greece,Turkey,Afghanistan,Iran, and ultimatelyIndia.

Envy is such a deep seated disease but envy cannot even exist where there is even a trace of academic writing video lecture of radhanath love.

We have the same story of Thakur Haridas, he wss beaten with sticks in 22 market places he was beaten so severely that no man has lived beyond 2 or 3 such market places but as he was being beaten and whipped he was praying for the welfare of the executioners and what did he do wrong?

He sat down to eat and a person came with dogs- a pack of dogs and said Ranti Dev my dogs are hungrygive them food and water.

This is the sign of a very degraded civilization that people are entertained and hook up to such inferior mentality. If these people would come enron, big big politicians ask a little money or a lot more money they are causing pain to others. Through the sacred texts, such as the Bhagavad-gita, we can understand what this material energy is.

Bhagwad Gita is explaining the consciousness of a person who is in an elevated state is like the ocean, the ocean because of its vast depth is not disturbed by the changes that take place surrounding it. Anger is one of the most difficult of all the provoking situations to control.

The miseries of body and mind, miseries created by other living beings and the miseries created by the natural circumstances. There was a king names Ranti Deva who fasted for long duration of time with his whole family for the welfare of the whole world.

Everyone wants to success but so many people fail. Ones greatness has to be estimated by ones ability to tolerate provoking situations. But more difficult than that is to tolerate honor, without becoming proud.

We have appeared in this way before you because we have appeared and this way before you because we wanted to show the world what is a great person.

Religion is supposed to create a sense of seeing every living being with equal vision. Now by material standards that just does not make sense because the world is under the fever that money will buy happiness.

A great person sees positive opportunities in every situation that comes in their life and never becomes despondent human life is meant for self realization. It does show something that the promise of happiness, the promise of satisfaction through acquiring of more and more material things does not bring happiness.

But how did he tolerate, because he was tasting the sweetness of the holy name. Ultimately we all are being controlled bye time. Everyone has their logic even the circles of religion. A great personality is one who is able to tolerate these urges. We envy someone who we feel has more than us, it may be more wealth, more knowledge, more ability, more prestige, it may be a higher position.

No one wants to become old, you loose your beauty, you loose your memory, you loose your physical capacities, does any one want to be old? I will be forever free form thirst, hunger, moroseness, lamentation and all the sufferings of material existence with tears of gratitude in his eyes he gave water to that man.

They hold their flags high, yes and what is this United nations. Side change of cassette ………so that other living beings do not have to suffer birth after birth after birth after birth my Lord le me live for the welfare of others, let me suffer and die for the welfare of others.

Inability to tolerate envy. Thus Krishnaexplains in this verse The non permanent appearance of happiness and distress and the other dualities and its disappearance in due course are like the appearance and disappearance of the summer and winter seasons.

A kind hearted saintly person who had maintained grace and dignity throughout the chaos consoled me, explaining how all are struggling at their respective level of progress. That is the law of karma but what is coming upon us is something not always under our control. What are those six enemies?

Goswami means commander in chief of the mind and senses.Radhanath Swami Attends Sadhu Sanga Festival July 14, The Sadhu Sanga Kirtan Retreat is a yearly offering begun by His Holiness Indradyumna Swami in On Friday, August 1st Radhanath Swami spoke at the Ford Motor Company World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

Radhanath Swami

The event was sponsored by the Ford Asian Indian Association and coordinated by Guru Palaniappan, PVT Advisor Ford Auto Alliance Plant in. The ‘Radhanath Swami Explosion’–the exponential growth in the popularity of Radhanath Swami–might be a recent phenomena, but the origin of this ‘Big Bang’ go back to Radhanath Swami Media is an Official site for sharing H.H.

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'Art of Tolerance' Prerana Lecture by Radhanath Swami, in Mumbai

The Lectures Archives from to are available here. Lecture can be searched based on its category like Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Chaitanya Caritamrita, Sunday Feast, Public Lecture, House Program, Youth Lecture, Festival.

Radhanath Swami Media The Lectures Archives from to are available here. Lecture can be searched based on its category like Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Chaitanya Caritamrita, Sunday Feast, Public Lecture, House Program, Youth Lecture, Festival Lecture & many more.

Feb 04,  · Radhanath Swami's enlivening lecture on how to conquer envy.

Academic writing video lecture of radhanath
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