An analysis of the bush versus gore political debates

An analysis of the bush versus gore political debates

Question bias and violations of comparability in intraparty debates: Bush and the presidential records act. Presidential primaries and dynamics of public choice. In addition, the Secretary of State has advised that the recount of only a portion of the ballots requires that the vote tabulation equipment be used to screen out undervotes, a function for which the machines were not designed.

Communication Quarterly, 53, Psychology Today, 25, Impact of ethnic issues on ethnic voters. Bush asked former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney to head up a team to help select a running mate for him, but ultimately, Bush decided that Cheney himself should be the vice presidential nominee.

Television coverage of the audio gap. Yet each of the counties used varying standards to determine what was a legal vote. Capturing the power of a campaign event: Coverage of George W. The complexities of defeasibility. Television debates and presidential elections: American Behavioral Scientist, 49, - Implications for future debate.

Furthermore, while others were permitted to observe, they were prohibited from objecting during the recount. On February 28, McCain also referred to Rev.

Political Communication, 15, A religious response veiled in a prsidential address: After coming in third in Delaware Forbes dropped out, leaving three candidates.

Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 4, Communication Research, 21, The presidential debates as a device for increasing the "rationality" of electoral behavior.

The world was watching--And talking: Presidential debates of Doing diversity across the partisan divide: Presidential television advertising and the public agenda, A functional analysis of debates in presidential primaries.

The mediating role of values.

United States presidential election, 1992

A comparison of the primary and general election debates. An early case in our one person, one vote jurisprudence arose when a State accorded arbitrary and disparate treatment to voters in its different counties.

The Thompson-Stevenson gubernatorial debates, Washington Journalism Review, The Journal of the American Forensic Association: The Future of Presidential Debates.

Knowledge effects and the presidential debates. Communication Quarterly, 49, The role of questions in political debates. A plan for the future. Immediate and mediated responses: Standards of public discourse.

United States presidential election, 2000

Political Communication, 9, Political Psychology, 7, As seems to have been acknowledged at oral argument, the standards for accepting or rejecting contested ballots might vary not only from county to county but indeed within a single county from one recount team to analysis of emma woodhouse by jane austen Threats against Bush at public an analysis of the bush versus gore political debates protests.

The Great Republic: Presidents and States of the United States of America, and Comments An essay on the bipolar disorder on American History. The vast majority of the debate stories (74%) were written in a way that mostly impacted candidates and their campaigns.

The Last Lap

Interestingly, they were twice as likely to impact Gore's candidacy as they were to impact Bush's. On November 8,the day following the Presidential election, the Florida Division of Elections reported that petitioner, Governor Bush, had received 2, votes, and respondent, Vice President Gore, had received 2, votes, a.

Jan 14,  · During the Presidential debate Al Gore must have felt things weren't going to well and decided to go up to and try to intimidate George Bush. He walks r. How the Press Covered the Final Stages of the Presidential Campaign EMBARGOED UNTIL TUESDAY OCTOBER 31, 10 P.M.

EST Frames of Debate Analysis Political Internals 69% cand. Performance 53% tactics & strategy 12 versus 9% for Bush. Either Gore’s performance, or the higher. Washington Post, Oct. 5, ; Howard Kurtz "Instant Ephemeral Analysis" is an analysis of the media's post-debate reaction of the first televised debate between George W.

Bush and Al Gore and its influence on public opinion.

An analysis of the bush versus gore political debates
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