An introduction to the analysis of gender issues

Comparing primary-source data with data previously published by other researchers allowed for both breadth and depth of analysis. Sex and the spectacle of music videos: Content analysis can provide evidence supporting claims about direct effects on audiences, but it can also provide evidence supporting claims about the beliefs and practices of content producers.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Das sought to examine this sense of modernity in detail.

Contributions to the Content Analysis of Gender Roles: An Introduction to a Special Issue

First, content analyses involving gender and new media may be most frequently published in journals specializing in new-media research. Fifty years of advertising images: Spain is among the many countries whose media content has been underresearched.

Neuendorf, Gore, Dalessandro, Janstova, and Snyder-Suhy Schemas can exist for narratives as well as for people and objects. An additional contribution of the content analysis by Finger et al. The Present Special Issue The historical context provided by content analysis in general, gender-related content analysis more specifically, and gender-related content analysis in Sex Roles even more specifically has doubtless influenced the entrants into this special issue.

Desmond R, Danilewicz A. Such media do exist; the representation of different media in gender-related content analysis does not reflect real-world exposure to those media.

Video games and the Internet have the opposite balance; they are popular among audiences but relatively unpopular among gender-focused content analysts. Violent female action characters in contemporary American cinema. To an extent not usually found in gender-related content analyses, Downs and Smith ensured that their results were not only theoretically relevant but also practically relevant.

Content analysis [Special issue] Sex Roles. A content analysis of gender display in music videos. Also, just as Smith focused on practical matters in her study with Downs Downs and Smithin this study Smith et al. Specifically, they investigated the extent to which various demographic and behavioral factors predicted a the reward of sexual activity; b the punishment of being a target of weapons; and c the ultimate punishment, death.

In her response to the papers included in the two special issues, Collins called for such theories, and for research aimed at answering questions similar to the above. The particular perspectives that are suppressed through strategic or haphazard source selection could potentially skew debate about the issues at hand.

The findings of Nam and colleagues led to the suspicion that certain individual variables e. Sex roles in health storylines on prime time television: Social foundations of thought and action: Her study conducted comparisons of older media with newer media and of media portrayals with their real-life counterparts.

Content analysis, Gender roles, Feminism, Media effects, Special issue Introduction This special issue on content analysis is the second of two parts, the first having been published in June, Rudy et al.

By contrast, only half of hypotheses involving changes over time were supported Mager and Helgeson Turner Turner considered those factors in his analysis of music videos. In order to determine that their coders reached a satisfactory level of agreement about the number of characters to code, Smith et al.

Content analysis— A methodological primer for gender research. Desmond and Danilewicz are noteworthy for the extent to which they drew on industry knowledge to develop their study. One interview also aided in the interpretation of their results; Desmond and Danilewicz contended that gender-based inequities in assigning news stories are institutionalized rather than driven by individual reporters, and a local news director confirmed that he held the power to match news stories with reporters.

As reported by Matud et al. Among combinations of genre and content, the greatest number of studies 22 was dedicated to television advertisements, followed by television entertainment 18magazine advertisements 13and magazine entertainment Generally, results were the same across content types with respect to almost every result that met the assumptions of chi-square testing and that reached statistical significanceand overall, those results demonstrated that males appeared more prominently in newspapers than did females.

Downs and Smith Downs and Smith adopted a media-effects perspective in their examination of portrayals of video-game characters.

A social cognitive theory. As reported above, the scholars included in the two Sex Roles special issues on content analysis Rudy et al. Non-verbal communication across cultures. Gender roles in local television news.

The Context of Current Content Analysis of Gender Roles: An Introduction to a Special Issue

However, unlike many content analysts, who generally adhere to only one side of the media-reflect-society-versus-society-reflects-media debate, Kahlenberg and Hein took both positions; another of their research objectives was to address the influence of media content on social actors and particularly, on children.AS WITH MOST OF THEOPENING INTRODUCTIONS in this Guide to Theory, we must begin the introduction to this section with the caveat that this area of study is incredibly complex, perhaps more so than any of the others, given the tendency of such theorists to employ the strategies of other critical schools in their analysis of gender and sex.

As a. Gender Issues in Transportation: A Short Introduction Presentation notes for gender analysis challenges the traditional, neoclassical analysis which looks at households as black boxes and assumes that household behavior reflects the preferences of all its.

Nutrition Policy recognizes the need to address gender issues Policy to achieve the five commitments. The Gender Analysis has identified a number of gender mainstreaming initiatives Introduction. World Vision International, ARE International, SNV and SAFIRE are in a consortium C.

Introduction to gender analysis concepts and steps Juliet Hunt, Independent Consultant Overview organisations; and to identify gender equality issues and strategies at country, sectoral or thematic programming level.

There a number of different frameworks for undertaking gender analysis. Some of. a gender analysis of the linkages between poverty and gender issues in a given country may be necessary for the development of the country’s development strategy, or for the joint drafting of strategies by the country and its donors.

I. Introduction The fields of population, health, and nutrition are increasingly recognizing that gender, or the Gender issues are relevant to understanding reproductive health providers as Data Analysis Gender-sensitive research uses the terms "gender" and "sex" thoughtfully with the former.

An introduction to the analysis of gender issues
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