Assistant fashion buyer cover letter

Nature of work A designer creates clothes either for individuals, or for a clothing factory which produces garments for the mass market. Contextual studies which cover topics such as contemporary culture, fashion forecasting, consumer psychology, style and image are also addressed.

Although this may all seem daunting and challenging, if the enthusiasm, ambition and desire to succeed is there, the rewards of recognition will present themselves. To cope with modern design development and advanced technology, the industry will require correctly trained designers, technologists and management personnel in ever-increasing numbers.

Large companies usually send competent designers to trade shows overseas, to study fashion trends or to select fabrics and trimmings, in the major centres of the world. Learners are equipped with entrepreneurial skills to start their own businesses. DUBFS4 The Programme The course aims to develop and expand the knowledge of learners who wish to specialise in an area relevant to the current and future fashion and textile industry.

Those who prefer to work independently venture out as entrepreneurs for which a sound knowledge of costing is important. Design graduates can branch out into any one of the following areas: Opportunities also exist in performing arts, film and television companies.

Internal supervisors will be appointed, and liaison with specialists relevant to the field of study, journalism, retailing, marketing, photography, etc.

It prepares learners for related roles in the fashion and textile industry and retail outlets. Personal Qualities Required The fashion and textiles industry revolves around rapid turn around time and is highly competitive.

The final presentation will consist of an exhibition of work relative to the chosen area of specialisation, together with a research report. The working environment is extremely fast, demanding and very challenging. Starting salaries are good, and talented designers can advance rapidly.

Individuality is most important and the student who wishes to enter the industry is encouraged. Clothing manufacturing companies are becoming increasingly automated and are using computers in the managing and manufacturing functions to increase performance, report information and increase productivity.

Course Information Closing date for applications: A design studio or a fashion house which creates original garments are alternate options for budding designers.Fashion and Textiles Handbook Fashion Shows Apparel Software The complete ERP software solution for the Apparel Industry.

NATIONAL DIPLOMA: FASHION 3 YEARS FULL-TIME ONLY (CAO code: DUBFS3) The programme The course covers many aspects of fashion and textiles necessary to meet an increasingly sophisticated.

Buyer/Purchasing Agent Buyers and purchasing agents select clothing, shoes, and/or accessories from clothing manufacturers and wholesalers to sell in retail stores.

They work for retail fashion and department stores, selecting items they think will be attractive to customers. Buyers and purchasing agents typically have to travel a lot, visiting manufacturing sites and attending fashion. The report cover is a vibrant navy blue, a little darker than the color pictured.

It has a slightly glossy feel It seems to be a nice thick cover that will wear well over time. 2 Assistant Buyer, Fashion Jewelry. Built and sourced assortments for designer, celebrity, and proprietary Stainless Steel brand. Drove merchandising strategies, analyzed sales and margin performance and made recommendations to improve.

Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY t. [email protected] The finer details The hours you work will be dictated by the opening hours of the shop, so you may work part-time, full-time, evenings or can expect to work irregular hours as a sales assistant and there‚Äôs always plenty of part-time and shift/flexible working options in this job.

Assistant fashion buyer cover letter
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