College worth the price

Save enough for retirement? There are plenty of problems with the higher education system. If you find that spending well over six figures to begin a fairly low-paying profession no longer strikes your fancy, run from this option as fast as you can. Meeting new people, living on your own, and becoming more responsible for your own actions are all underrated aspects of the college experience.

The more expensive a college is, the better the education it presumably provides. Not all colleges are worth the cost, though.

Your priorities are different at age 18 than they are at age Student loans can also be a huge burden after school for many. As for actually entering a career in public service, Graduate, good luck with that.

Consider these options, too. Is going to college still a good investment? Says Charles Miller, who chaired the U. Then again, any year-old who has the wherewithal to go through the ROI exercise and run the numbers will probably be fine in whatever they do.

For more than two decades, colleges and universities across the country have been jacking up tuition at a faster rate than costs have risen on any other major product or service - four times faster than the overall inflation rate and faster even than increases in the price of gasoline or health care see the chart to the right.

I get the ROI angle of taking your one-hundred grand and investing it or starting a business instead of going to school.

Two-Sided Coin: Is College Worth the Cost?

Create a household budget? Already a backlash is brewing in Congress about the spending and pricing policies of the wealthiest schools, and some parents may soon join in.

How many adults do you know who track their spending? Rather, the perceived payoff is that going to a brand-name school will one day make their children richer.

Likewise, not everyone is ready for college at the age of College doubters also point out that nearly half of something college grads work in dead-end retail or restaurant jobs. I certainly would have been lost at that age trying to make a go at it on my own. That sounds like my nightmare.

What a college degree is really worth Underemployment: Many of these grads were probably liberal arts or communications majors.

Do you really need to go to college? Even for these workers though, the New York Fed researchers find that college is worth the cost.

Better yet, how many adults perform a cost-benefit analysis when they purchase a new car or house?

Is college still worth the price?

After all, if other families were willing to pay this much to send their kids here, it must be worth it.Former U.S.

Secretary of Education William Bennett explains why a college degree may not be worth the cost. In "Is College Worth It? And so the price keeps getting higher.

There's an. You might be surprised to learn, then, that the actual poll of 30, college alumni found that the vast majority of college graduates agreed that their education was worth.

Yes, a college degree is still worth it

In44% of college graduates were "underemployed". (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) Inthe unemployment rate of young college graduates was % —two percent higher than the average unemployment rate.

The return on higher education would be much better if college were cheaper Higher education Is college worth (discounts for the clever or impecunious that greatly reduce the sticker price.

Is College Worth the Cost?

At today’s tuition rates — which averaged $9, a year for in-state students at public universities and $32, annually at private colleges innot even including room and board — it’s only natural (and smart) to second guess whether a college education is worth all that money.

Just 38 percent of students who have graduated college in the past decade strongly agree that their higher education was worth the cost, according to results of 30, alumni polled by Gallup.

College worth the price
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