Compare and contrast the paleolithic and neolithic societies

According to the archeologists, people of the Paleolithic era were hunters and gatherers. Full bio 76 positive reviews. Paleolithic and Neolithic eras had many similarities in social structures.

Polytheistic - believed in life after death. New ideas came from people trading with other people from other places. A state of war always existed: In the Paleolithic age, humans used tools made out of stone and bones. The Neolithic age lasted for a much shorter duration in comparison to the Paleolithic age.

Writing Writing developed to keep records as government, religion, and trade got more complex. These people had developed trade networks and made use of the barter system. Trade was absent in the Paleolithic era.

The Paleolithic age ended long before the start of the Neolithic age.

They created the ideas of religion and explained birth, death, and various issues. They led a nomadic life gathering around for food. They started growing grains and also started storage of food. The Paleolithic people lived in caves in groups of people comprising a family.

The concepts of polished tools, pottery, cloth, the wheel, the sail, the ox yoke, and plow were well developed in this age. About the tutor Jeremie S. I set high standards to myself and I strive for the They even owned private land. The Neolithic era developed a barter system of trade.

In the Paleolithic era men hunted and women gathered, everyone in society was equal and no one was above only the gods they worshiped were the only higher ones than them. In the Neolithic era, people settled down having a more sedentary life style. However, the people of the Neolithic age had a far developed and much more complex culture.

In the Paleolithic era leaders emerged in each tribe, but none of them had wealth because of the constant moving for resources. Gathering of food was their main objective. The Paleolithic man was a hunter and gatherer whereas the Neolithic man cultivated crops.

Origin of Formal Religion Formal religion explains creation and life after death.

Difference Between Paleolithic and Neolithic

People of the Paleolithic age made use of tools made up of stone and bones whereas in the Neolithic era, people started using tools made up of metals as copper and bronze. Both of these, along with the intermingled Mesolithic age, comprise the Stone Age.

They developed the basics of economy. The Neolithic man lived in a much more complex community. Paleolithic and Neolithic eras had many similarities in political structures.

The principle of the characteristic of the Stone Age was that human being hunted wild animals or gather edible products of naturally grown animals for food. All this was absent in the Paleolithic era. Development of Specialized Occupations Artisans, merchants, and government.

Rulers were seen as either gods or having been chosen by the gods. The Neolithic era saw the innovation of pottery, wheel, weapons, farming, banking, and trade. People were ruled harshly. Almost all ancient civilizations came up with some form of writing.The Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Era can be compared and contrasted in various ways, but the Paleolithic Era paved the way for the Neolithic Era.

Among the various ways both Neolithic Era and Paleolithic Era are alike and different, one had hunter-gathers society (Paleolithic Era) and settled societies (Neolithic Era). Comparison of Paleolithic / Neolithic People. Reconstruction of The Iceman and His Tools. Dependent on Natural Resources Paleolithic: Moved with food supply.

Below is an essay on "Comparing and Contrasting Paleolithic Society vs. Neolithic Society" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Compare And Contrast Paleolithic And Compare And Contrast Afghanistan War Vs Compare And Contrast Online School Vs /5(1). Neolithic age lasted for a much shorter duration in comparison to the Paleolithic age. Paleolithic society had a primitive type of government comprised of families ruled by men.

In the Neolithic era the society had complex governance which had a chief who ruled the council. "Difference Between Paleolithic and Neolithic. What are differences between the Paleolithic, and Neolithic time periods?

Update Cancel. Neolithic vs Paleolithic - Difference and Comparison. 81 Views · View Upvoters. Paul Harrison, archaeologist. What are Neolithic societies? How do the earliest people (Paleolithic and Neolithic period) get to know which plants were.

Grade 6 The Eastern Hemisphere Unit 1: The Neolithic Revolution Lesson 3: The Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES.

Compare and contrast the paleolithic and neolithic societies
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