Evolution of the philippine flag

The Philippine flag was banned at certain times during the US and Japanese occupation. It was raised and waved during some of the bloodiest days of the revolution, but unfortunately, it did not last long.

Agoncillo made in Hongkong was taken to the Philippines by General Aguinaldo.

Flag of the Philippines

However, due to the patriotic nature of Filipinos and their use and display of their flag and the national colors, and several incidents related to their patriotism, the Flag Law was passed.

This was the first among the Katipunan flags to use three colors: The shade of blue was changed from Navy Blue to Light Blueamidst debate on the shade used in the original flag. Did you know that two Philippine flags existed for a period in our history?

On December 27,the first phase of the Philippine Revolution ended with the signing of the Pact of Biak-na-Bato between the struggling Spanish colonial government and the poorly armed and unsalaried volunteer army of Katipuneros.

I answered them that it should be always hoisted with the blue stripe up in time of peace. On October 24, Proclamation No. It was hoisted officially at Kawit on June 12,in connection with the proclamation of Philippine independence. The first Filipino tricolor. The blue was changed to royal blue in as a compromise to the argument regarding the use of a Cuban blue, American or navy blue and sky blue used in previous flags.

The Japanese flag was used until the Japanese-sponsored Second Republic of the Philippines was established in The flag was flown in its wartime state by the Commonwealth de jure government and by the Japanese-sponsored Second Republic de facto government The sketch was submitted to Mrs. However, the Philippine flag now had the American red and blue, rather than the Cuban red and blue.

This symbol has recently been revived by a breakaway group of army officers calling themselves the Magdalo Group. Marcos issued in paper its change from navy blue to light blue. Later on, the rays of the sun were limited to eight to represent the eight provinces which first took up arms against the Spaniards.

The first Filipino tricolor. Japanese Period — Used during the Japanese Occupation.

Evolution of the Philippine Flag Essay Sample

The black color of the flag was inspired by the hood worn during the secret initiation rites of the first degree Katipuneros.

And one of the first tasks of the founders who were exiled abroad is to produce the flag and a new anthem, the symbols of a state. It should be noted that there existed many versions of the flag as no official design had been codified.

Inthe flag gained its present definitive shades. The flag was also one of the first to illustrate an eight-rayed sun. The Filipino flag had variations from to Tricolour with a blue triangle at the hoist, a red stripe at the top and a black stripe at the bottom.

It contains a mythical sun with a face similar to the Sun of May in other former Spanish colonies; the triangle of Freemasonry ; the eight rays representing eight rebellious provinces of the Philippines first placed under martial law by the Governor-General.

It had an equilateral triangle with a K at each angle with a rising sun behind a mountain.

The Evolution of the Philippine Flag

The flag took its last stand against the Americans in Tirad Pass, Ilocos Sur, defending the retreating armies of Aguinaldo. The flag was for the camp of General Mariano Llanera of Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, who earned for himself a reputation as a brave and reckless fighter.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. During his exile in Hongkong, General Aguinaldo designed the flag as it looks today.

By law, the Philippine flag must be permanently hoisted and illuminated at night at the following locations:Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Evolution of the Philippine Flag. Discover ideas about Philippines Tourism. Evolution of the Philippines Flag. Philippines Tourism Philippines MakingFriends Facts about Philippines Printable Thinking Day fact card for our passports.

Perfect if you chose Philippines for your Girl Scout. MERIT BADGE CENTER, PHILIPPINES The History of the Philippine Flag During the Philippine Centennial celebration, a set of 10 flags were prominently flown over One of the most criticized part of the proposed evolution of the Philippine flag is the inclusion of three battalion flags of the Katipunan.

Historians believe that if these flags were. This Pin was discovered by Jennifer Wallace. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. evolution of the philippine flag The Philippine National Flag made its first public appearance at General Aguinaldo's proclamation of independence from Spain.

Prior to this flag, there were several Katipunan flags and war banners and some of the revolutionary generals had their own flags, some of which bear some resemblance to. The Evolution of the Philippine Flag. Flags of the Katipunan. With the Katipunan now well organized, Bonifacio turned his attention to the symbol of its authority.

The Filipino Spirit The Evolution of the Philippine Flag Flags of the Katipunan With the Katipunan now well organized, Bonifacio turned his attention to the symbol of its authority. Upon his request, Benita Rodriquez with the help of.

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Evolution of the philippine flag
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