Notecards for research paper format

Write down every fact or note that may be of use to you in your paper.

Study Guides and Strategies

Make a note of where the dense parts are and move on. Number each card in the upper right corner and draw a circle around the number. You can add the source location in the lower right corner.

In the upper right corner, write and circle the number of the reference; this number should correlate to the number on the bibliography card. There are as many ways to take notes as there are people.

Creating Bibliography Cards Bibliography cards assist with writing the Works Cited page at the end of your paper. Spaces for you to write down quotes direct text straight from the sourcecomments your thoughts and questionsand paraphrasing information from the text in your own words.

For online resources, include the date you retrieved the information, the name of the website and the exact URL of the article.

If you have extensive notes from the same source, rubber band or paper clip the corresponding cards. Each notecard should have only one idea on it, so you might have multiple notecards from one resource.

Skimming will help you understand how the document is laid out and what the main ideas are. If you want to use a quote, write it word for word on your notecard and place it in quotation marks. Here are the things that all good notes systems will allow you to have: Since most information will come from research, any uncited fact may be challenged as plagiarism.

In MLA format, there is no comma between the last name and page number. For a book, include the title, the author, the year of publication, the publisher and its location. Accompany all exact quotes with a page number. These cards will assist with the actual writing of your paper.

One way to organize information from resources is to create a notecard for each idea you want to incorporate into your paper. Write the citation of each article, book, filmstrip or other primary material on one index card. Read each group one-by-one, taking notes between groups.

How to Take Notes Using Index Cards for an APA Formatted Paper

Assign the index card a number. Since your Works Cited page will have a hanging indent, you can indent the second and subsequent lines on your index cards. MLA no longer requires uniform resource locators, or URLs, for references obtained online, but you can include URLs at the bottom of your bibliography cards; write the URL exactly as you see it in your browser in case you need to go back to the source.

The format of the text on your card depends on the type of source you use. Everyone has a slightly different method. Summarizing the Information In addition to your bibliography cards, you need to create notecards. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.

Book titles are underlined, while article titles are placed in quotation marks. When writing the paper, refer to the source number on the cards for your in-text citations.

This information will become the in-text citations in your paper.

E. Taking Notes

Each source should have its own number.Research Paper Template 1. Detail or example from your note cards (with source) This outline template was adapted from: MLA Research Paper - Olympic High School.

SUMMARY: Taking notes is a key part of the research process because it helps you learn, and allows you to see your information in a useful visual way. Using notecards is a great way to arrange research information visually. Research Paper Note Cards Language Arts, Ms.

Reese. These rules come from the ELCO Research Paper Format Booklet.

How to Write Notecards in MLA Format

A variety of formats exists. For example, there is MLA for Modern Language Association of America, APA for American Psychological Association, etc.

Some colleges and universities use their own format. BE PREPARED TO BE FLEXIBLE! MLA Notecards. The Modern Language Association style is often required for writing liberal arts and humanities papers. One way to organize information from resources is to create a notecard for each idea you want to incorporate into your paper.

Also create notecards that include the reference’s information in MLA format, which you. subtopics who want to do more research on. Non-Example: Quakers There are two types of notecards: source cards and research cards. You will make one of these any time you find a fact that you want to use in your paper.

Every notecard ALWAYS needs 4 .

Notecards for research paper format
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