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These databases are available only through library subscriptions. Paper of Record includes more historical newspapers, as well as newspapers from other countries.

The American Antiquarian Society offers a handy list of links to the various state web sites that contain lists of newspapers filmed, with a brief description of how each Online newspaper research arranged.

Here is the press release and several interesting comments. A little more slowly paced and more information: The databases listed below offer personal subscriptions: Historical Newspapers Online and You can use Elephind as a one-step search engine for a large number of -- but not all -- free historical newspapers online.

Your Guide to Using Newspapers for Genealogical Research

All OCR of newspaper text is problematic, and this is no exception. This might be tricky, because there is no standard way libraries convey this information. There are 28 results, but the dropdown limits those showing on the first page to First, select the state, county OR city and dates of interest.

Once you have the title and dates you want using the directory at Chronicling America, described above you can check WorldCat to see which libraries own copies. This tells me that the indexing is trying to find any possible occurance; better too many hits than too few.

Newspaper Programwhich was a cooperative national effort among the states and the federal government to locate, catalog, and preserve on microfilm newspapers published in the United States from the eighteenth century to the present" Scroll down on the page for a summary and link to the status of the project in each of the states.

Find local projects These are some sites that provide links and information on what is available in the online collections.

The quality of the scans is not great; newspapers are difficult, but these are not done as well as some others. Find All Newspapers this is the best video Caveat: But if you want to do it yourself, perhaps to see if a nearby library might own the title, here is the WorldCat search screen.

The list of newspapers digitzed is a very small percentage of what has been published. Other ways to get access: Data is going on every hour Online newspaper research every day Here is the bibliographic information on the Ypsilanti Republican Once you have found one or more newspaper titles that you might want to look through, it is time to find out-- Who owns a microfilm copy that I might get through interlibrary loan?

Here are a few helpful videos to help you learn to use it: Find indexes to newspapers: Before you subscribe, check and see if you can get access through your local public or university libarary.

Here are some Michigan examples: Joe Beine provides a listing of some of the major sites at his Historical Newspapers and Indexes on the Internet includes subscription and free.Discover U.S. historic newspaper archives from in billion old newspaper articles about more than billion people!

The Ancestor Hunt - Newspaper Research Links - over 23, free links for U.S. and Canada Wikipedia List of Online Newspaper Archives. Newspaper Research Journal is a refereed journal published quarterly that reaches thousands of journalism students, scholars and media professionals in the Un.

Explore newspaper articles and clippings for help with genealogy, history and other research. The largest online newspaper archive 8,+ newspapers from the. This website has been tracking online historical newspaper research sites for several years. There are millions and millions of pages that. Looking for great research and reference sites?

Here are some of the best sites from which to jumpstart any research project. Looking for great research and reference sites? Here are some of the best sites from which to jumpstart any research project.

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Online newspaper research
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