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The attempt at a solution My hypothesis is that as we increase the pulling force by using slotted masses, the average velocity of the trolley will be increased. The independent variable in this experiment is going to be either the weight on the end of the mass holder, pulling the trolley representing the girl pushing it or the weight on top of the trolley representing the shopping pushing down in the shopping trolley.

And whether or not they are balanced. My prediction shall be that as the force pulling the trolley increases, the acceleration of the trolley shall also increase. She realised that sometimes it was easy, but at other times it was harder. Trolley Mass holder and multiple weights on hand String Pulley and table or surface to attach to Two people, 1 letting go of trolley and 1 recording time Stopwatch Start Physics coursework trolley stop point Diagram: I think the question Physics coursework trolley referring to acceleration by mentioning average velocity.

So we decided to go up in gram weights each time. She wondered what it was that is making the trolley easy or hard to push. The problem this pupil is having is that she wants to figure out what it is that makes her shopping trolley easier or harder to push.

Physics Coursework

The person recording the time took the results as his or her own. To keep this experiment safe, different precautions have to be taken. This is a list of all the apparatus used in the experiment: So by understanding it she may be able to reduce or eliminate the problem.

Physics Coursework: Trolley experiment Essay Sample

Our group picked this method as we thought it would be a good method because there would be interesting results. How hefty are the wheels of the trolley? Three runs will be taken for each weight and three runs will be taken without a weight.

From there the experiment was set up and ready to go, all that was needed now was to take the results. To speed up or slow down requires an unbalanced force.

The most obvious force acting on the trolley immediately is the resistance due to friction. Obtaining evidence The results shown below are the results for the 7 observations for the cart Weight of cart kg Time for 1st run sec Time for 2nd run sec Time for 3rd run sec Average time sec.

Run the cart down the ramp once to make sure the cart runs in a straight line. With this experiment the results would not be predicable, as weight is not the only force that acts against the speed of the cart.

The other force acting on the trolley is the gravitational force acting down on the trolley. These include the surface texture, the distance between the start and stop positions, the length of the string, the person timing and the person letting go of the trolley.The aim of this experiment is to find out whether or not the mass of a trolley effects its acceleration when traveling down a ramp kept at a fixed height.

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The trolley problem has also been, and continues to be, a compelling teaching tool within philosophy. By the late ‘90s, trolley problems had fallen out of fashion. physics coursework trolley experiment Bris rite case could hinge on mohel’s First Amendment rights and procedure’s degree of risk.

In the society of the misconscription that a2 physics coursework ideas could be open. Physics Coursework: Trolley experiment Essay Sample. Aim: The aim of this experiment is to find out whether or not the mass of a trolley effects its acceleration when traveling down a ramp kept at a fixed height.

GCSE Physics Coursework millimetre; this should provide an appropriate level of accuracy to prove that the deflection is proportional to the mass applied 1 wooden 50cm ruler -I will use a ruler with millimetre and centimetre markings so that the deflection can be measured to the nearest millimetre; this should provide an.

Physics Coursework In this investigation, instead of using a large, full-size supermarket trolley, we will be using a scaled down version, which will imitate the larger trolley.

We will be using weights on a pulley system, hanging over the desk to represent the weight which would be in the shopping trolley.

Physics coursework trolley
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