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While Sally and Gillian desired a life devoid of magic, as they moved toward middle age, witchcraft seemed to find them and the rest of their family. Although it was well known that the Owens family had been witches for the past three hundred years, women in desperate situations still turned to Frannie and Jet in times of need.

Raising Sally and Gillian devoid of normal parental rules, the girls were allowed to stay up until midnight on a regular basis, eat candy bars for supper, and, adhering to the family tradition, wear black Practical book review coats to school even in the heat of summer.

With the prose ending with the Owens trademark rules to live by, the door is open for yet another story featuring Antonia and Kylie Owens down the road. As much as things changed, they also stayed the same. The girls grew up as close as sisters, yet were literally as different as night and day.

The magic Practical book review Practical book review Antonia, although she did not know it, as boys and men had their blood boil or turn to ice water the second she entered the room.

Meanwhile, Sally maintained the Owens line of a head of long black hair, living practically as alluded to in the title, and moving the family forward to the next generation as she became the mother to two girls, as different as night and day, Antonia and Kylie.

If this is indeed the case, I would run to read this installment as well as I have found my time spent with the Owens family to be simply magical. There she became a respected member of her neighborhood, and, more importantly, no one knew of the family history of witch craft.

Whether it comes in the form of concocting black soap or acquiring a pet toad, the Owens magical line appears to be safe as Antonia and Kylie Owens come of age. Although each successive generation becomes less magical than the last, the Owens family continue to embrace their place as witches in the context of society at large, giving others the opportunity to laud rather than ridicule them.

Both Kylie and Antonia stand out as different in appearance yet are popular members of their school where no one realizes that they are witches.

The girls; however, love the time spent in the presence of their elderly, spinster aunts and will be able to continue the family traditions to the next generation when their time comes.

Sally also desired a normal life for her children so she, too, moved away from the safety of the aunts to a suburban Long Island community. The entire town realized that Sally and Gillian were different and ridiculed them on a daily basis, only to have the aunts come to their rescue.

Magical realism continues to be my preferred reading genre. I enjoy the Latin American branch of the genre most as these occurrences seem to flow from the culture. While the aunts in Rules of Magic do not play as large of a role in Practical Magic as I would have liked, they exposed Sally and Gillian to the family traditions as girls so that they would turn to magic in times of need as adults.

Gillian continued to break hearts, and Sally lived a practical life. Finally getting my hands on this magical family saga, I was as enthralled as I had been with the new prequel.

Practical Magic introduced readers to the Owens family, setting the stage for the equally if not more magical Rules of Magic years later.

I had read new books by some of my go to authors for magical realism, which had left a bitter taste in my mouth because these books were contemporary and devoid of magical occurrences.To preface my review I felt it necessary to mention that I read the prequel to this book titled, The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman prior to reading Practical Magic.

Since Fall had finally begun and Halloween (my favorite holiday) was right around the corner reading Practical Magic just felt right/5().

Practical Magic

View Notes - Practical Book Review from HSMF at Liberty University. Running head: PRACTICAL BOOK REVIEW: WHY DONT WE LISTEN BETTER? Practical Book Review: Why Dont We Listen Better? Julie%(3).

This comprehensive, practical and well-written book helps you understand how malware works, so you can keep your Windows PCs, servers. Petersen breaks down the book in five parts. He starts off with part one the value of of communication balancing: listing awhile, talk until the other person stops hearing, Listen until the person calms enough to hear again.

Practical Book Review of Petersen Text Shakeya A. Haith Liberty University 18 November Summary Throughout this text James Petersen teaches us how to/5(1).

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