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The proposed consent decrees are subject to court approval. Consumers should carefully evaluate advertising claims for weight-loss products.

The defendants have agreed to enter into a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that would bar such deceptive claims in the future. The product is gluten-free as well so those with food allergies can still take it.

You simply sprinkle a dash over your food as you would salt or pepper and it then amplifies both scent and flavor. Claims[ edit ] According to the advertisements promoting the Sensa diet, you can eat your favorite foods without counting calories, deprivation, or cravings. Sensa does work to reduce cravings and make you feel full on less food.

However, the Endocrine Society says they did not review the study. That is also the claim made by the website, namely that you can lose 30 Sensa diet in six months by following The Sprinkle Diet.

The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them.

Do Not Try Sensa Until You Read The Facts About It Now

One of the top benefits of Sensa aside from the weight loss would be that it claims not to change the taste or texture of your food. Supplement that sprinkles on food Gender: But in his study of 1, men and women, the participants lost an average of just over 30 pounds in six months without making any changes to their diet and exercise program.

In advertisements on YouTube videos, through product packagingand in statements and testimonial videos posted on the company website, the company claimed that consumers would rapidly lose substantial amounts of weight up to one pound a day by placing a highly diluted concentration of homeopathic HCG solution under their tongues before meals and adhering to a very low calorie diet.

Oz Explains, compulsive eating habits stem from low levels of serotonin, a primary mood regulator of the human body. Hirsch — who conducted two of the studies cited in the ads and wrote a promotional book about Sensa — gave expert endorsements that were not supported by scientific evidence, and provided the means for the other defendants to deceive consumers.

The proposed settlement bars HCG Diet Direct and Ethington from claiming or assisting others in claiming that any dietary supplement, food, or drug causes weight loss, or that consumers who use the product can expect the same results as endorsers — unless the claim is non-misleading, and unless the defendants have at least two adequate and well-controlled human clinical studies to substantiate their advertising claims.

The FTC filed the proposed consent decree in the U. The agency also alleged that Dr. They also must disclose any material connections with the endorsers of a product or program, as well as with anyone conducting or participating in a study of the product or program.

On a recent Dr. The problem is, these foods pack on the pounds fast, so this is not ideal. If you do decide to try Sensa, remember that your results can be enhanced if you include a sensible diet and start exercising regularly. When you start the program there are two different Tastants for salty and sweet foods.

As you eat, smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain. The defendants also are required to have at least two human clinical trials to support any weight loss claims they make about the products they sell, and to have competent and reliable scientific evidence for any other health claims.

This process is called Sensory Specific Satiety.

The Truth About Sensa

Sensa has no calories and no sugar or sodium. The FTC enters complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database available to more than 2, civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.

Keep your doctor in the loop about anything you plan on doing. The product is designed to work with your sense of smell and claims to make you feel full faster which leads to eating less.

Consent decrees have the force of law when approved and signed by the District Court judge.

Sensa (diet)

According to the FTC, the company and its director also made several other false and unsupported claims, including that the product was FDA approved, and failed to disclose that endorsers appearing in some of its advertisements were compensated, or were related to a company employee or officer.Also known as The Sprinkle Diet, Sensa is a revolutionary new diet aid that helps you to feel full and lose weight when you sprinkle on your food before eating.

Sensa has been tested in clinical studies and found to help people lose 30 pounds in six months.

Easy Weight Loss

The original Sensa Weight Loss System is a perfect example of why dieters need to be smart when choosing the best diet for them. The jury is still out on the new Sensa Clinical weight loss sprinkles. The jury is still out on the new Sensa Clinical weight loss sprinkles.

Dec 12,  · It is a complete diet program that checks calorie consumption and is a better alternative to Sensa. What Users Are Saying “I started one year ago with SENSA and have gone from a size 14/16 to a size /5. Sensa is commonly referred to as The Sprinkle Diet, although the Sensa weight loss regime isn’t really a diet as such, but something you would add to your current diet.

Sensa sprinklings are in fact flavor-enhancing ‘flakes’ made from maltodextrin, tribasic calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, and flavorings. Sensa isn't a diet.

It's a product that you sprinkle on your food that promises to help you feel full and lose weight. Sensa ads have been misleading, according to. The FTC filed the complaint and proposed consent decree for Sensa in the U.S. District Court for the District of Illinois on January 7,and for HCG Diet Direct in the U.S.

District Court for the District of Arizona on January 7,

Sensa diet
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