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Food shortages began to reappear. The left wing led by Trotsky wanted to end it immediately. He was an important theorist and a major figure in the party before Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

They wanted rapid industrialization with militarisation of labour, and also they wanted to break the strangehold the peasants had on the economy and squeeze more grain from them which would help in industrialization.

As Kamenev and Zinoviev did not see Stalin as a threat, they co-operated with him. Trotsky was also confident that he was chosen to replace Lenin and did not bother to build up a stronger support base like Stalin. He could argue his points fiercely, especially on the NEP. Main Issues in the Leadership Struggle 1 The nature of the leadership.

Some party members wanted collective leadership or rule by committee. The NEP was hindering the progress to socialism as it was intensifying the difference between rich and poor as well as leading to gambling and prostitution. They therefore could not afford a leader who might cause splits amongst the party and it was Trotsky who they feared might do this.

All the party members had only accepted the NEP as a temporary system but the debate was when and how it should be ended. The right wing which was led by Bukharin wanted to continue the NEP so that the peasants would earn more money which they would spend on consumer goods which because of the increase in demand would lead to the growth of the manufacturing industry.

They could not agree from where the resources to carry on industry which had reached its pre- level would come from.

Stalins Rise to Power Essay Sample

The issue that was debated was how the economy should be run. He was not that popular. Soviet Union To what extent did Stalin rise to power because of his cunning personality? Also, Trotsky did not go out of the way to develop or build up his power base, and therefore Stalin was able to erode the one he had already built up.

Trotsky believed that measures such as compulsory labour units organized along military lines and forcing peasants into collective farms might be necessary to squeeze out old attitudes and create the economic base on which a socialist society could be built.

Trotsky believed in permanent revolution. This enabled him to create a strong support base of supporters who would agree with him or vote according to his wishes.Essay on Factors that Helped Stalin in his Rise to Power Words | 4 Pages Factors that Helped Stalin in his Rise to Power Following the death of Lenin init was simply a matter of time before one member of the Politburo, who announced they would be acting as a collective leadership, gained individual power.

Joseph Stalin Essay - Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin was born on Dec. 21, in Gori, Georgia. Joseph Stalin’s original name was Iosef Vissaronovich Ozhungashvili, but he adopted his name to Joseph Stalin which means, “man of steel” (World Book ). His fathers’ name was Vissarion Ivanovich Djugashvili. Polina Nozdrina 7/11/12 Mr.

Stalin Rise to Power

Neate Essay The Rise of Stalin After Lenin’s death, there was a dispute over the succession between Bukharin, Trotsky, Kamenev and Stalin. Trotsky could end the dispute and took power as the head of the Bolsheviks with Lenin's Testament, which criticized the oppositions Trotsky.

This essay will analyze Stalin’s rise to power through the study of four main elements, which can be denominated as situation in the USSR, Stalin’s personal strength, the weaknesses of Stalin’s enemies and the role of luck and opportunities.

As Kamenev and Zinoviev did not see Stalin as a threat, they co-operated with him. After he had dealt with Trotsky, Stalin turned on the other two and removed them from their power.

By using his rivals against each other, Stalin was able to rise to power without worrying about threats to his rule. How did Joseph Stalin rise to power?

Between the years Joseph Stalin manipulated his way into power and hence took hold of Russia.

How did Joseph Stalin rise to power?

However it could be said that luck also played a major part in his rise to power. Various factors affected his rise to power such as the triumvirate he formed with Lev Kamenev and Gregory Zinoviev.

Stalin rise to power essay
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