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Some sort of social life is necessary and without it people will not be remembered after they die, it will be as if they never existed. The victims rushed from their cottage, and sought refuge in what they deemed a safer spot—where, in contemplation of such an emergency, a sort of barrier had been reared.

Hawthorne says he wishes he had more room to write but in actuality there is no reason he cannot write more: Down came the whole side of the mountain, in a cataract of ruin. At length a little boy, instead of addressing his brothers and sisters, called out to his mother.

Wakefield clearly desires a way out of his marriage, but he is not brave enough to actually leave it and instead dwells in a kind of in-between world.

The light hovered about them fondly, and caressed them all.

Wakefield and The Ambitious Guest&nbspEssay

Whither did the wanderer go? The stranger asked what she had been thinking of. Just as her husband engages in a fantasy life, so does she: Hark to the children! The divide between the husband and wife is dramatically and compellingly illustrated in this exchange: With quick sensibility of the ludicrous, he blushed at the ardor into which he had been betrayed.

It used to be said, in her younger days, that if anything were amiss with a corpse, if only the ruff were not smooth, or the cap did not set right, the corpse in the coffin and beneath the clods would strive to put up its cold hands and arrange it.

I am quite benumbed; for the Notch is just like the pipe of a great pair of bellows; it has blown a terrible blast in my face all the way from Bartlett. His name and person utterly unknown; his history, his way of life, his plans, a mystery never to be solved, his death and his existence equally a doubt!

The younger children had been put to bed in another room, but with an open door between, so that they could be heard talking busily among themselves. The family held their breath, because they knew the sound, and their guest held his by instinct. Up the chimney roared the fire, and brightened the room with its broad blaze.

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The faces of the father and mother had a sober gladness; the children laughed; the eldest daughter was the image of Happiness at seventeen; and the aged grandmother, who sat knitting in the warmest place, was the image of Happiness grown old.

The next morning, the light smoke was seen stealing from the cottage chimney up the mountain side.

Literary Review of “The Ambitious Guest” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

A slate gravestone would suit me as well as a marble one—with just my name and age, and a verse of a hymn, and something to let people know that I lived an honest man and died a Christian. One and all seemed to have caught the infection from the fireside circle, and were outvying each other in wild wishes, and childish projects of what they would do when they came to be men and women.

The aged woman looked up from her task, and, with fingers ever busy, was the next to speak. The romantic pass of the Notch is a great artery, through which the life-blood of internal commerce is continually throbbing between Maine, on one side, and the Green Mountains and the shores of the St.

Whose was the agony of that death moment? Then, let Death come! Then the same shriek burst simultaneously from all their lips. He could have borne to live an undistinguished life, but not to be forgotten in the grave. There were circumstances which led some to suppose that a stranger had been received into the cottage on this awful night, and had shared the catastrophe of all its inmates.

Hawthorne also suggests Mrs. This gives the story an eerie, almost mysterious quality that it would otherwise lack, if Wakefield simply abandoned his wife due to a mistress.of “The Ambitious Guest” by Nathaniel Hawthorne Though the family lived a simple yet proud life in the Notch of the White Hills, they were not immune to the vanity the stranger brought to their cozy cottage they caught his disease of fame and paid dearly.

Literary Review of “The Ambitious Guest” by Nathaniel Hawthorne Though the family lived a simple yet proud life in the Notch of the White Hills, they were not immune to the vanity the stranger brought to their cozy cottage they caught his disease of fame and paid dearly.

Essay on Napoleons Ambitious Regin. Napoleons Ambitious Reign In George Orwell’s allegorical novel, Animal Farm, Napoleon takes his dominate reign to a level of despair with his inhumane morals and the segregation he forces upon the animals.

He builds himself up to an eminence beyond any other leader. The Ambitious Guest Conclusion. love, a natural phenomenon between two human beings, and familial affinity which is inherent in many families, are explored in the two texts As You Like It, a pastoral comedy play by William Shakespeare, and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story The Ambitious Guest.

Love is a profound connection between. Essay Wakefield and The Ambitious Guest and 90,+ more term papers written by professionals and your peers.

The Ambitious Guest Essay Sample One September night a family had gathered round their hearth, and piled it high with the driftwood of mountain streams, the dry cones of the pine, and the splintered ruins of great trees that had come crashing down the precipice.

The ambitious guest essay
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