The ups and downs of social

Despite this variety of emotions, most teens described their experiences in mainly positive terms, found Weinstein, who is a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Eighty-seven percent of these students used Instagram, 87 percent used Snapchat, and 76 percent used Facebook. Weinstein also analyzed data from 26 in-depth interviews with those surveyed 16 females and 10 males. They enjoyed keeping in touch with faraway family members, too.

And 70 percent of the teens described their general experiences on social media using only the positive descriptors. The students, who were evenly split between female and male, were heavier users of social media than the average American teen: It is quite easy for bullies to find people via social networking sites, and relentlessly assault them with abuse.

None of these modes of social media use resulted in purely negative emotions, as reported by teens. Yes, teens are aware of negative emotions — fear, distress, jealousy, but from their perspective, feelings of connection, amusement, and inspiration also abound.

Facebook has over million users, and Twitter over million. I personally feel that social networks are helping us out, as it makes communication much easier, and it helps you connect with your friends and make new ones. Then the stalkers can follow their victims with ease after obtaining their personal information.

Through social networks, you can chat with The ups and downs of social, finding common interests and new friendships. But they also reported viewing distressing and graphic images and stories.

A Study on Adolescent Social Media Use In the study, adolescent social media expert Emily Weinstein analyzed surveyed responses from high school students at a suburban public high school in the United States.

Kids with disabilities or challenges have an easier time socializing with others online than offline. Although this makes socializing much easier, there are also many risks to this as well. Downfalls Cyber-bullying can happen very often on social networking sites.

Thus this can boost their self-esteem and social skills when people meet again in person. With social networks, it is easier to find other kids with the same interests and hobbies as oneself. May 16, Watch teenagers using social media, and you witness an emotional rollercoaster: But they also worried about being judged by peers and expressed anxiety over not getting enough likes.

Social networks are also great ways to keep in touch with friends who had to leave to other places, making sure that you two never separate eternally.

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This lessens their senses of isolation, making them feel like they fit in. Identity theft is very common among social networks.

Stalkers can easily trace their victims through social networks. But they also saw things that made them envious, insecure, or sad: Uprises Social networking is a great way to make friends. Each led to both positive and negative emotions.

After all, it is easier chatting with your friend on a social networking site than walking over to their house, or calling them on their phone, which is both time and money consuming. Teenagers use social media: Social networking can help shy, awkward kids communicate easier.

Research Stories The Ups and Downs of Social Media A new study teases out the emotions of social media, finding that teens generally focus on the positive By: Kids can accidentally download feral apps or programs that go through their social networks trying to scam other kids.

Thus, you will have many friends through social networks. Figure out together what exactly they enjoy, and what challenges they are facing. But they also felt overwhelmed by the number of messages they had to respond to, and many felt left out when they saw friends posting together without them.

When exploring, teens enjoyed learning more about their interests, such as cooking or sports, or exploring new passions, such as activism or gun control. A Spectrum of Positive and Negative Feelings — with Positive Prevailing The study found that teens had four main ways of using social media — and although they acknowledged negative emotions from each, most described their experiences as generally positive.

Research has begun to zero in on nearly every part of this spectrum, with findings that run from alarming screen time is linked to depression and suicide to reassuring many teens find social media empowering.

These students walked the researchers through their experiences on Instagram and Snapchat, describing the content they saw and how they reacted to it.

Oftentimes, parents and teens can come up with tailored solutions to unique challenges — unfollowing a certain account that contributes to a negative body image, or refraining from posting on a certain app that leads to anxiety, for example — that still allow teens to hold onto what they enjoy.

When browsing, teens often felt amused and inspired by the different photos and videos they came across.Etch's 'Ups & Downs' album is a collection of dubs which date as far back as and up to the present day.

The Ups and Downs of Social Media

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Social media is becoming increasingly accessed in the 21st century. I can’t walk down the street without the fear that someone will run into. Social networking is a great way to make friends. Through social networks, you can chat with others, finding common interests and new friendships.

During this process, I have been reminded of the ups of social media and just how much I enjoy it. I have also been reminded of some of the downs and how we can rise to the challenges and overcome.

The ups and downs of social
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