Tutorial slideshow powerpoint 2007

Alternatively, you can download templates from third party websites and resources, for example SlideHunter. You can change this name while saving your presentation. Click the New Slide command in the Slides group on the Home tab.

PowerPoint 2007

Now we are going to look at the print icon and features. A menu will appear with your slide layout options. Press this periodically throughout the presentation when working to save the information quickly so you can move forward without losing the data you have already put on the presentation.

PowerPoint 2007 - Running a Slide Show

Click one of the text box below the title and type the definition of computer. To Save Your Presentation: You will be able to verify the signature but only from your own computer. To save a template click on the office icon in the top left hand corner.

Mini Toolbar This is a floating toolbar that is displayed, when you select text or right click text. Once you click on it you will see six options come up. To Open an Existing Presentation If you want to work once again in your previously saved presentation, you can open the same as follows: Next to the slide count is the title of theme of the presentation you have selected.

The features consist of a blue disk used to save your presentation. Encrypt Document this is for security reasons.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

This will pop up a window that looks like this. The default slide that appears when you create a new presentation is a Title Slide layout. Layouts contain different types of placeholders you can use, depending on what information you want to include in your presentation.

Powerpoint Tutorials 2007

Select the slide you want to copy. Save As dialog box appears. On the Insert tab, choose Picture. Click the Paste command on the Home tab. If you will be sending the presentation to someone who does not have Officeyou should use this file type.

If you save your PowerPoint project under this option when you open it your project will always open in slide show form. Or Press F5 key on the keyboard. The New Presentation dialog box will appear.

Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint presentation

To use the Save command: Print Preview is the last option go ahead and click the print preview icon from here you can preview the document before you print it.Learn how to start a new presentation, insert new slides, modify a layout, move and copy slides, use placeholders, and save your PowerPoint presentation.

Powerpoint tutorial 1. Creating a PowerPoint Presentation Created: 28 November Starting PowerPoint Double click quickly on the PowerPoint icon on the Windows desktop (see image on right), or click the Start button in the lower left corner of the screen, and then click All Programs, next move your cursor over Microsoft Office, then click Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Powerpoint is a program that helps to create computer based presentation in a simple and easy way.

Free Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial. PowerPoint Tutorial. Type your search. Type your search. Type Sidebar. Main Content PowerPoint - Running a Slide Show. Starting a Slide Show | Navigating Through a Slide Show | Pen & Highlighter. Starting a Slide Show.

There are several different ways to start your slide show. Under the View tab in the Presentation Views. In this free PowerPoint tutorial, learn how to make presentations using themes and background styles, pictures and Clip Art, charts and lists, and more.

In this free PowerPoint tutorial, learn how to make presentations using themes and background styles, pictures and Clip Art, charts and lists, and more.

Learn how to access Slide. Powerpoint Tutorials microsoft powerpoint tutorial free line tutorials with microsoft powerpoint you can create exciting slideshow presentations this.

Tutorial slideshow powerpoint 2007
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