Vodafone internal analysis

It provided an evaluation window but not an implementation plan based on strategic competitiveness of Vodafone SWOT is a Vodafone internal analysis assessment - analysis of status quo with few prospective changes. It provides a great opportunity for the organization to build new revenue streams and diversify into new product categories too.

Strong Free Cash Flow — Vodafone has strong free cash flows that provide resources in the hand of the company to expand into new projects. Superb Performance in New Markets — Vodafone has built expertise at entering new markets and making success of them.

As mentioned earlier even though Vodafone is successful at integrating small companies it has its share of failure to merge firms that have different work culture. Changing consumer buying behavior from online channel could be a threat to the existing physical infrastructure driven supply chain model.

As the company is operating in numerous countries it is exposed to currency fluctuations especially given the volatile political climate in number of markets across the world.

An Analysis of Vodafones current strategic position

It also solves the long list problem where organizations ends up making a long list but none of the factors deemed too critical. New environmental policies — The new opportunities will create a level playing field for all the players in the industry.

Secondly the supply of new products is not regular thus leading to high and low swings in the sales number over period of time. Even though the product is a success in terms of sale but its positioning and unique selling proposition is not clearly defined which can lead to the attacks in this segment from the competitors.

Vodafone Group Plc in Consumer Electronics

Government green drive also opens an opportunity for procurement of Vodafone products by the state as well as federal government contractors. It represent a great opportunity for Vodafone to drive home its advantage in new technology and gain market share in the new product category.

Free Press, ; L. A comparative example could be - GE healthcare research helped it in developing better Oil drilling machines. New trends in the consumer behavior can open up new market for the Vodafone.

Not very good at product demand forecasting leading to higher rate of missed opportunities compare to its competitors. Free Press, A. Not highly successful at integrating firms with different work culture.

The company can face lawsuits in various markets given - different laws and continuous fluctuations regarding product standards in those markets.

Threats Vodafone Facing - External Strategic Factors New environment regulations under Paris agreement could be a threat to certain existing product categories. Limitation of Weighted SWOT analysis of Vodafone This approach also suffers from one major drawback - it focus on individual importance of factor rather than how they are collectively important and impact the business holistically.

High level of customer satisfaction — the company with its dedicated customer relationship management department has able to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction among present customers and good brand equity among the potential customers.INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: Vodafone’s capabilities and core competencies Vodafone are able to compete with others and has the ability to merge with others while maintaining an effective, low cost organisational structure.

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Vodafone SWOT Analysis / Matrix

External and Internal Analysis In this section we attempt to analyze the external and internal factors affecting Vodafone as an overview of the strategic context.

Through the analysis of the external and internal environment and the resources and capabilities of Vodafone, recommendations were made for strategy potentials for the future. The report focuses on the personal-use mobile telephony sector of the group, with a main focus on the UK parent company of the group.

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If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Euromonitor International's report on Vodafone Group Plc delivers a detailed strategic analysis of the company's business, examining its performance in the Consumer Electronics market and the global economy.

Vodafone internal analysis
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